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Hai Nam Co., Ltd is a significant and reputable brand specialising in manufacturing high-class plastic packaging to meet customers’ strict requirements and fastidious markets such as Japan, Korea, Europe or the US. In specialised fields, Hai Nam and high-class products of export plastic packaging have received the trust of Walmart Group and other large corporations across Vietnam.






Hai Nam Company Limited

Hai Nam is a multi-product unit that manufactures bags and complicated packaging from BOPA, PET, MCPP, MPET, AL, M-OPP, LLDPE, and other high-class plastics. The sectors we serve range from those dealing with seafood and agricultural goods to those dealing with food, cashews, and automated packaging. To meet our clients’ demands, the firm has obtained certifications such as ISO 15378:2017, BRC, and BSCI, and the ISO Quality Management System 22.00:2018. Hai Nam has always chosen the top Vietnamese material suppliers to supply our products to clients. We are pleased to have formed a long-term alliance with standard units across the nation’s food and aquatic industries. The firm has also been satisfying the stringent standards of big food wholesalers in the US, Europe, Japan, etc., for more than a decade.

Established in 1999, Hai Nam Co., Ltd. is one of the leading companies in high-class plastic packaging. During more than 20 years of foundation and continuous development, Hai Nam has been widely covered throughout Vietnam, distributing various products throughout the country and internationally. The experienced management team is always ready to listen and receive requirements professionally, bringing high-quality products with appropriate prices and a dedicated service experience that makes you rest assured, satisfied, and trusted when cooperating. 

For us to achieve valuable development and long-term success, it all depends on continuously renovating the service standards suitable for the market and always being dedicated and responsible for each customer. The motto “Quality, Price, and Service” is always a guideline to help Hai Nam enhance our position, become a reputable supplier in the market, and be trusted by many businesses.