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Production in high-quality plastic packaging

Hai Nam produc hi-quality plastic packaging from 5-layers blown machinemany types of and laminated films with different structures. These plastic film will be laminated together to create the best product. This approach helps to remove imperfections and help the benefits that allow packaging waterproof while staying flexible and supple, etc...

Greenhouse membrane

Membrane used to roof glass for cultivation

PA / PE film

PA / PE film used to produce 3-sided bags to preserve seafood and agricultural products for export

PE bags

PE bags are widely used in all fields: food, goods, aquaculture: shrimp bottle packaging, fingerlings, agricultural products ...

Aluminum Film (AL)

It is a laminated film with aluminum foil that enhances the air and steam waterproofing properties for coffee, pharmaceutical and fine packaging

Multilayer PP film

Multilayer blown PP film is used for automatic packaging as the whole tray for export frozen products ...

Common types of bags

Plain bags, perforated bags, double straps or shopping bags - supermarket bags, roll bags, zipper bags.

Specialized products PA

3-pockets bag specializing in packaging of frozen seafood products for export. Specialized Cashew bags for export.

High quality PP bags

Specialized for printing and color packaging of high-class for other agricultural products...

PE & HDPE films

Widely used in all fields: wrap consumer products: aluminum bars, plastic, rubber, wood, goods to be preserved ...,

Metalizze film

A film (can be PET, CPP, OPP ...) plated with an extremely thin layer of metal with gas, moisture-proof properties ...

Polyamide (PA)

Multi-layer PA is blown with optimal structure to produce the packaging of agricultural products: Cashew nut exports high quality ...

Bags for daily needs

Produced from raw materials used to make garbage bags of all kinds for medical use, public and family activities, nursery bags ...

Design and printing services

Design - printing is an important service indispensable in the production of high-end packaging. Professional, quality packaging will enhance the value of use and effectiveness of promoting products of customers in the increasingly expanding market.
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