On January 21, 2024, Hai Nam Company Limited initiated the campaign “For the Environment” in 2024 in Nha Trang with the slogan “Hai Nam – Together Recycling Plastics.” The kick-off activity involved a beach cleanup

Hai Nam Company Limited launches the campaign “For Environment” in 2024

Through this initiative, the company aims to enhance environmental awareness among its employees, not only within the internal work environment but also to spread this spirit to the community

The inaugural event saw the participation of over 20 staff members representing various departments within the company, alongside an invitation extended to residents in the area to join the program.

The employees invited the young present at the beach to participate in the activity

In addition, the company adopted measures to minimize the use of single-use tools. Tools such as garbage bags, trash pickers, etc., will be reused in subsequent activities of the company.

Hai Nam Co., Ltd. aspires to join hands for the cleanliness and beauty of Nha Trang beach

Mr. Le Thanh Hai, CEO of Hai Nam Company, shared his thoughts: “We aspire to contribute to creating a green, clean, and civilized appearance for Nha Trang city in particular and for the environments in areas where Hai Nam Company operates more broadly.”

Waste collected during the cleanup was categorized into three main types: organic waste, inorganic waste, and recyclable waste. After distinguishing these waste categories, the participants independently sorted them.The collected waste is sorted on the spot

After sorting, organic and inorganic waste were sent to designated processing locations. Recyclable waste, on the other hand, was transported to Hai Nam’s factory, where it underwent the recycling process using a plastic pellet-making machine system. The recycled material will be utilized in subsequent plastic production processes.

The Campaign “For environment” has started, Hai Nam – Together Recycling Plastics

Hai Nam Company Limited hopes that the environmental program and the slogan “Hai Nam – Together Recycling Plastics” will serve as a significant milestone in fostering a community with environmental responsibility, united in safeguarding our precious natural resources.