From March 1st, 2024, Hai Nam Co., Ltd. has officially launched the waste segregation bins across its entire premises, marking a significant step forward in promoting social and environmental responsibility. This system is not only an effective waste management measure but also a testament to the company’s commitment to environmental protection and natural resource conservation.

The waste segregation bins are installed on the company establishment

The waste segregation system divides litter into 3 categories, namely:

Recyclable Waste: Plastic and paper products are collected together and transferred to our factory to be processed into plastic pellets for reprocessing purposes. This system not only reduces garbage but also generates recycled materials for production.
Organic Waste: Leftover food items such as seeds, fruit peels, etc., are properly processed to minimize their environmental impact.
Other Waste: Remaining types of waste are collected at designated locations for further processing.

Waste coding system provide a reminder of how trash is classified

Program Information and Reminder

The company has conducted an information and reminder program through internal communication channels, placing the waste segregation bins within the company premises. Additionally, by providing reminders and guidance on waste segregation practices, the company has fostered a positive work environment, encouraging proper waste disposal and segregation habits.

Commitment to Environment and Society

This program is not only a significant step forward in waste management but also a mission of Hai Nam Co., Ltd. to contribute to environmental protection and natural resource conservation. With these advancements, Hai Nam Co., Ltd. has demonstrated its steadfast commitment to sustainable goals and development for the future.
Installation of waste segregation bins at convenient locations for waste disposal and proper segregation.